Hot & Humid Monday; Rain Chances Begin Tuesday & Run Thru the Weekend

Humidity will increase again Monday, somewhere between sticky and uncomfortable.

Low 90s temps with dewpoints in the mid 60s will make it feel like mid 90 temps in the heat of the afternoon.

Another Reminder to Check the Back Seat

From the National Weather Service:

One of the biggest weather related risks during the summer months is the possibility of a child dying in a vehicle from heat stroke. The temperature inside a vehicle can rise 20 degrees in as little as 10 minutes, and 50 degrees in an hour. This can cause hyperthermia (heat stroke) in literally a matter of minutes, particularly in children, whose body temperatures warm at a rate 3 to 5 times faster than an adult’s.

Also, don’t leave your pets inside your car. Cracking the window doesn’t cool your car or truck and eliminate the risk of heat stroke.

Rain Chances Return Wednesday & Continue Into the Weekend

When. Monday will be the last dry day. A chance of rain begins Tuesday. By Wednesday, the chance will be continuing every day through the weekend.

What NWS-Nashville wrote this morning is still good this afternoon:

[The m]ost likely scenario is scattered afternoon showers and storms with lingering showers and isolated storm chances during the overnight hours.

So, yeah, chances of rain increase after noon, rising with the temp, and lingering into the evening.

What. Severe weather isn’t expected. But rain and thunderstorms are.

Instability and energy will be high, there will be plenty of wet tropical air, and rain and storms will move very slowly. Therefore, as NWS-Nashville wrote this morning:

[We] will need to pay attention to any potential for flooding.

It’s too soon to sound alarms or worry about flooding. Too much is unknown to make such a forecast. It just looks possible right now. Weather models are not alarming.

Models. The GFS model continues to predict rain off and on from late Tuesday night through Sunday night.

The Euro model has generally the same idea: a pattern of quiet mornings, rainy afternoons, some rain and storms lingering into the evening, then quiet again in the morning, rinse and repeat.

The Weather Prediction Center’s Quantitative Precipitation Forecast has a total of around or under 2” over the next 7 days. This wouldn’t be enough rain to cause flooding.

Hair Frizz Alert

Temps after Wednesday will cool down into the 80s, and the rest of the week will follow. It’ll be too cloudy to hit 90. However, humidity will remain very high all week, so Hair Frizz Alert !!!, especially for those graduating this week.