Whew! OK, What’s Next?

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Well, that was close. Thankful to escape with only a few reports of 60 mph winds after seeing this at 5:15 PM:

Other communities to our W and NW were not so lucky.

The Tornado Watch is set to expire at Midnight. It’ll likely formally be cancelled before then.

A night of peaceful sleep is ahead.

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Settle down, Jed.

Current Temp: 

Current Radar Loops:

Tuesday – More Rain, Clearing Late – Wake Up 65°, High 70°

The actual cold front itself won’t arrive until Tuesday night, so we’ll have to deal with the rain that comes with that. Here’s an illustration from the Hi-Res NAM model at 10 AM Tuesday:

Remember, with a lot of rain falling overnight, flash flooding is still a concern. An Areal Flood Advisory is in effect until 245 AM, and our Flash Flood Watch currently remains effective until 1 PM Tuesday:

All that said, no severe weather is expected Tuesday. Just periods of rain, off and on (mostly in the morning), then levelling off during the afternoon.

Wednesday — Cool Front Arrives — Wake Up 54°, High 61°

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A broken smattering of clouds will accompany a chance of light rain.

More on all this tomorrow, when we put The Intern 2.0 back to work:

7-Day Forecast for Latitude 36.17°N and Longitude 86.78°W (Elev. 479 ft) - Internet Explorer 2014-10-13 20.13.52

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