Nice Weather + Drought Improvement!

New drought monitor came out today – shoutout last weeks rain!

All of Davidson Co. and a chunk of WillCo. have been downgraded to Abnormally Dry, so congratulations to those folks, you are technically no longer in a drought. read more

Good End to January, Even Better Start to February

Twas a chilly day, but at least it was a dry one.

As we turn the page to February, we’ll be greeted with mild high temperatures and dry weather. High temps near 60° tomorrow and getting into the low 60s Friday and Saturday. Kinda weather when you’ll need a jacket in the morning, then have to carry it in the afternoon. read more

Nice Warm Up Coming

A “cold” front pushed thru earlier and brought some of us a few quick, light showers. A few more showers are possible the remainder of the night, but we’ll be dry for the most part.

Rest of the work week will be dry, gradually warming up throughout the week. Even getting up into the low to mid 60s by Friday + Saturday. read more

Not Much Except Maybe Some Sprinkles Tuesday PM

In this sense, no news is good news, and this week there is not a lot of news.

Chilly day today, we did not make it to the 40° mark.

Steve Harvey Cringe GIF by ABC Network

Tomorrow we’ll be a bit warmer with high temps in the mid 50s. A quick shower is possible Tuesday evening/night. read more

Chili Nights, Clipper System Tuesday Only Possible Minor Inconvenience This Week

Pretty bland day today. Temps stayed in the low 40s all day. Perfect chili night in my humble opinion.

Easy Slow Cooker Chili (BEST Chili Ever!) - Cooking Classy

This will be a common theme throughout the week. Only rain chances to talk about would be maybe Tuesday. read more

Maybe A Strong Storm This Afternoon, Calm Week Ahead

Some showers currently moving thru, looks like we may get a small break before some more rain and maybe a strong storm?

HRRR model (above) shows an ETA of ~3 or 4 pm for some heavier rain, and maybe some storms. One or two storms could be on the stronger side with some gusty winds. We’ll keep an eye out, stay connected this afternoon. read more

One More Rainy Day Before A Nice Break

Today ’twas a lovely day for late January, dry and highs got up in the mid 60s.

Glorious GIF by Macklemore

Unfortunately, this weather cannot last forever, and rain chances return tomorrow.

HRRR model (above) shows three rounds of rain tomorrow: read more

Dry Friday, Wet Saturday, Then Calmer Weather

We got some more beneficial rain today. Also, new drought monitor came out today.

We are still in a Moderate to Severe drought. Granted, this does not include the rain we received today and yesterday. Hopefully next Thursday we can get a positive update. read more

More Manageable Rain Thursday + Saturday

We got some decent rainfall today, enough for a good soak, but escaped any flooding worries thankfully.

We’ll continue the trend of receiving manageable rain tomorrow, but with a very low-end chance of a strong storm with some damaging straight-line winds. read more

Rain Expected to be “Manageable” Throughout the Week

We’ve received a little rain today, not much, but there’s more to come.

  • 2 – 3″ of rain is expected thru Saturday
  • majority of the rain will fall Wednesday
  • we are excluded from the Flood Watch (heaviest rain expected to stay to our south)
  • “Areas north of the Flood Watch could see nuisance flooding issues, but the total rainfall amounts over that area are expected to be manageable…” – NWS Nashville
  • no severe weather expected, some thunder possible


We should remain dry thru the rest of today, maybe a scattered shower or two.

HRRR model (above) shows some rain arriving Wednesday morning, with the bulk of it coming Wednesday afternoon. Some more rain should swing around Thursday morning. Timestamp is in the upper left corner. read more