One More Rainy Day Before A Nice Break

Today ’twas a lovely day for late January, dry and highs got up in the mid 60s.

Glorious GIF by Macklemore

Unfortunately, this weather cannot last forever, and rain chances return tomorrow.

HRRR model (above) shows three rounds of rain tomorrow:

  • wee hours of Saturday morning thru mid-morning
  • break around lunch, before more rain during the afternoon/evening
  • one final push of rain lateeeee at night

No severe weather concerns. You may hear a rumble of thunder, and I suppose we could see an isolated case of a low-lying, flood-prone area seeing some minor flooding, but I think for the most part we should avoid any major disruptions. Your outdoor plans may fall victim tho, ~ 1″ of rain expected.

Sunday, we dry out and get to experience some nice, calm, weather. No legit rain chances currently in the forecast until later in the week. Temps will be tolerable.

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