Sun Today & This Shortened Weekend (cold mornings), Rain Next Week.

Winds today gusting 15 to 25 MPH will make it feel a bit cooler than it actually is, even with the sun out. Winds will slacken off tonight.

Chilly mornings, though. Below freezing before dawn Saturday, near freezing early Sunday morning.

It’s going to gradually get warmer and feel even better out there Saturday and Sunday. We’ll be up to 55° on Saturday and then 65° on Sunday.

Yeah yeah yeah sure it’s Daylight Saving Time (no second “s” in Saving), sorry Mrs. Rich, my 7th grade English teacher.

Rain Returns Monday Night – Tuesday

First, no severe weather is in the forecast. The system coming through will be missing instability, a key severe weather ingredient. A few rumbles of thunder are possible in the afternoons next week but, again, there is no indication of severe weather.

Instead, it’s going to rain off and on. ETA as early as Monday night. Below is the GFS run from Monday morning through Friday morning:

As you can see, there’s plenty of rain coming for us through the work week. Rain will be off and on, most likely Tuesday and Wednesday night, but possible anytime from Monday night through Thursday.

Day 11 image not available

The Weather Prediction Center thinks, total, we’ll see rain of 1.5″ to 2.5″ late Monday through next Friday. Flooding is not a concern right now, but we will update this forecast tomorrow and highlight any changes.