We’re Back on the Roller Coaster

Current Radar 

Tonight – More Rain

So we had a shower drop by this afternoon, and we expect more tonight.

The HRRR expects a lot more rain as the front approaches:

Our NWS does too, another 0.37″.  Rain is more likely the closer you are to Chattanooga, where they should get soaked. The rain may not really get going until it’s SE of us, but don’t bet on that. Plan on rain tonight.

The cold front should arrive around 2 AM:

Thursday – Colder. Clouds Slowly Filing Out – Early 44° High: 48°

It’s not as it seems. It’s still December.

Friday – It’s December – Early 30° High: 44°

We should see some sun, but it’ll be colder.

The weekend will be Decembery . . . 

. . . but next week, the temps go back to the 60°s and it may rain/storm.

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