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Morning fog possible again. NWS is holding off on issuing a fog advisory “for now.”

Record high temps expected Monday. The record high for October 27 is 84° (set in 1940), which we are forecast to tie or break. Still no rain, though. That comes . . .

Rain is likely Tuesday. This morning, we thought the rain may hold off until 7 PM, but right now the models are sending it in even sooner than that. Some models (GFS, NAM) have the rain arriving not long after 1 PM. The Euro holds it off until Tuesday night.

The Storm Prediction Center (with its shiny new legend for its Categorical Outlook) has us in a general, non-severe thunderstorm risk:

Storm Prediction Center Oct 26, 2014 0730 UTC Day 3 Severe Thunderstorm Outlook - Internet Explorer 2014-10-26 13.36.13

Outdoorsy stuff Tuesday still looks, well, not good.

We still expect around 0.5″ of rain from this event:

http___www.hpc.ncep.noaa.gov_qpf_fill_99qwbg.gif_1414336024655 - Internet Explorer 2014-10-26 10.07.21

After the rain . . .

Nelson Nougie animated GIF

(Oops, wrong Nelson. Sorry)

passes, so will the warm temps. High temps will ease into the 60°s Wednesday, then, late Thursday, a dry cold front cruises through, and drops temps even more.

Trick-or-Treating looks like it’ll start in the mid/low 50°s, and head into the 40°s through the night. We still don’t think it’ll rain.

NWS-Nashville is forecasting lows in the upper 30°s with highs only in the 50°s. “Possible freezing temperatures” are expected Saturday night.

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Robin Sparkles, y’all.

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