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@codeyh woke up to this today. Seemed appropriate.

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Sunday we’ll hit 80°, with only a few clouds hanging around. Please take a moment to pray for Zach Mettenberger. He has to face this guy today:

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(I hated the “wasted” graphic, but this was a great GIF).

Record warmth…bordering on heat….Monday. The record high for October 27 is 84° (set in 1940), but we’re forecast for 86°. Still no rain, though. That comes . . .

Tuesday: rain, courtesy of a cold front. We may see a few thunderstorms, but low instability and

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shear means we aren’t expecting strong or severe thunderstorms. Here’s the Storm Prediction Center’s take (with its shiny new legend for its Categorical Outlook) with us in a general, non-severe thunderstorm risk:

Storm Prediction Center Oct 26, 2014 0730 UTC Day 3 Severe Thunderstorm Outlook - Internet Explorer 2014-10-26 13.36.13

Rain is possible all day, but it’s most likely from 7 PM Tuesday to 7 AM Wednesday. If you’ve got outdoorsy stuff to do Tuesday night,

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We might squeeze out a 0.5″ of rain from this,

http___www.hpc.ncep.noaa.gov_qpf_fill_99qwbg.gif_1414336024655 - Internet Explorer 2014-10-26 10.07.21

so your Wednesday outside stuff may be in jeopardy.

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After the rain (Nelson GIF deleted, you’re welcome) passes, so will the warm temps. High temps will ease into the 60°s Wed-Thu-Fri.

Trick-or-Treating looks like it’ll start in the low 50°s, and head into the 40°s through the night. Right now, we aren’t thinking it’ll rain. That may change.

NWS-Nashville is already talking about next weekend and a 1035 mb Canadian airmass which “will likely result in the coolest temperatures we have seen so far this season, including the possibility of our first freeze.”

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Canada, y’all.

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