A brief(ish) web update from the web guy.

Hey Nashville – I’m Luke Myszka, Nashville Severe Weather’s web and digital guy. The team let me post for the first time ever, and it’s kind of a surreal moment for me, ngl.

Thank you all for your words of support, and your bug reports, over the past week. This new website and upgraded digital posture was a labor of love for all of us, and it was designed with you – our community – at the forefront. Our launch had some bumps, but we’ve already made significant improvements, and there’s plenty more in the works. We promise this is only the beginning. A special thank you to our developer, Conner, who put in an inordinate amount of time and effort to get this project over the finish line. 🫡 read more

Bonnaroo Updates - Check back soon!

As we move closer to Thursday, the weather still appears to be pretty fantastic. Sunny skies with highs in the 80s can be expected at this point. Dew point temps will start creeping up into the weekend, but other than that things should be in great shape!

Still a few days to say whether or not an afternoon shower will be possible or not, so go ahead and bring the rain gear just in case.

Continue to check back each day for an update on your Bonnaroo forecast!