A brief(ish) web update from the web guy.

Hey Nashville – I’m Luke Myszka, Nashville Severe Weather’s web and digital guy. The team let me post for the first time ever, and it’s kind of a surreal moment for me, ngl.

Thank you all for your words of support, and your bug reports, over the past week. This new website and upgraded digital posture was a labor of love for all of us, and it was designed with you – our community – at the forefront. Our launch had some bumps, but we’ve already made significant improvements, and there’s plenty more in the works. We promise this is only the beginning. A special thank you to our developer, Conner, who put in an inordinate amount of time and effort to get this project over the finish line. 🫡

If you recently subscribed to receive our daily forecast posts, a glitch may have prevented that from happening. We fixed this glitch, so please subscribe again, and you’ll be in business.

Please keep the ideas coming. David, Will, Andrew, Graham, Elan, and I want this to be a safe and reliable resource for you and your families to access reliable weather information, and we only know where to focus next when you send us your feedback. We have plans to syndicate our content to other social media networks – let us know where we should turn our attention to next by commenting below.

Nashville Severe Weather has been a gift to me, my livelihood, and my sanity for well over a decade. It’s an honor to be a small part of this team. Other cities don’t have this resource, and they don’t have you either. You are what makes this town great. A project like this happens only because of our supporters. To all of our Patreon and PayPal donors, your support fuels things you may not tangibly see, but they make everyone’s experience better. Thank you.

More to come.

  • I am a long-time fan and a first-time commenter. I’ve always appreciated the hard work you do for us. Thank you.

    Twitter proved useless during the last tornadoes because refreshing locked me out for not paying Elon. That’s okay; Twitter is dead to me now. Thanks for redesigning the site to make it the destination rather than depending on Twitter, Instagram, etc.

    That said, I just received a “429 Too Many Requests. You have been rate-limited for making too many requests in a short time frame.” on your site, and I’m not refreshing the page. I imagine this will happen when the next big thing blows by, and all of us Twitter refugees (you have 300K followers) and newbies turn to your site.

    It might be worth asking your web host about rate limits and the content delivery network (CDN) to ensure you’re up when we need you most. Lastly, with that much traffic coming to your site, stick a couple of ads or affiliate links (with disclosure) to make more money from the site since your time and talents are worth every cent you earn here.

    And as always, keep up the amazing work. Thanks again for keeping us safe.

    Yours in Patreon,

  • Hey Luke,
    Thanks for your hard work on the website. I just want say thanks for keeping the RSS support. Now I get everything and not just the main posts on my RSS reader which is incredible.

    My main suggestion is when you start working with other social medias, I’d love to see posts on Mastodon. There is a Nashville community there hosted at https://nashtodon.com that would love to be able to follow your posts.

    • We’re working on a few notification options, but one easy way is to download the Jetpack app on your mobile device and subscribe the WordPress site. You can also subscribe to our daily forecast blogs on our home page. We’re testing SMS notifications and some other features in the background as well… -LM

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