About eclipse cloud cover and sirens

Clouds are in blue below. This is the HRRR model. It’s probably going to change. Probably change A LOT. Also, I have no idea what track record the HRRR has with cloud cover success 48 hours out. So take with grain of salt.

SREF model is below. Look how different it is.

Cloud cover forecasting is difficult.

Most ppl I know are eclipsing in Illinois. No idea if this is the best move. Maybe?

Sirens. Local govts sound these during tornado warnings. Didn’t hear the siren test today? That’s OK. Sirens aren’t meant for everyone. They’re strategically placed to sound where ppl are expected to be outside. They’re not meant to cover all ears. They can’t be reliable heard indoors. (Unless you’re close by). Instead you need a NOAA weather radio (any Midland will do, I have and like a Reecom) & a wake me up app (StormWatch Plus). And stay connected to reliable weather sources.

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