Kinda Big News, Y’all


* As of a few hours ago you can find all our weather info – blogs, tweets, all of it – on You won’t need Twitter/X . will be one continuous, chronological feed. All our information will originate here, then go out to various social networks.
* Our Twitter/X will remain the same for those who want to stay there.
* Save our website to your phone. It’ll function similar to Twitter/X. Mobile optimized. No login, no password needed. It auto refreshes.
* You can comment/reply on if you are Facebook authenticated.
* Our feed will instapost first to Twitter/X at launch. Soon, we’ll explore the same with Facebook, Threads, Instagram, etc. as long as its API is open.


We’ve always wanted to do this. The tipping point was a few months ago: Elon Musk said he was considering charging new users money to use Twitter.

Uhhh, no.

Your ability to pay will not get between our info and you. Musk will not get between us.

There’s another reason. Social media has become (always has been?) increasingly toxic, dividing us, telling us to hate each other. It’s filled with ads and porn bots. We don’t want you on social media if you don’t want to be. If you want to stay there, great!, we will still post there like we have been. If you want to leave Twitter/X and go to Bluesky or Threads or any other social network with an open API, let us know and we’ll instapost there, too. Tornadoes, winds, hail, snow, floods do not care who you are, and neither do we.

We’d like to spend more time off social media, and still do the weather. This is how we do that.

No one owns us. Not Musk. Not advertisers. Establishing our own url as the primary place to get our information lets us sleep easier at night, knowing a social media network cannot pull the plug on us anytime they want.

The new site works great on your phones. Save it to Home Screen. It puts you one click away from radar and other info sources we offer. When we go live on YouTube for severe weather, you’ll see a banner pop up.

This was an expensive project done on a tight budget spearheaded by cheerful local Luke Myszka. Luke was one of our first followers as a Belmont student. Now’s he’s married with a real job who donates his time and energy to web and computer stuff when we ask. He’s been responsible for much of our back end infrastructure for about, IDK, 10 years? This project is his latest masterpiece. If you ever see him around town and you like what we do, buy him dinner.

The new site is live now. If it breaks, we will fix it. Be patient, and please let us know anything that does not work. We made this for you. We want you to love it.

After this Phase 1, we’ll have made the groundwork to add features.

This project was funded by you, our Patreon supporters, without which Nashville Severe Weather would not exist. If you want to join the donors through Patreon (preferred) or PayPal (thank you!), please do. If not, no problem! Your community has your back.