Intern Taking Finals, So You Get The OG

The Intern is on Finals Haitus until 12/8 – so like Fortnite, you get the OG for a while –

Most of the morning rain is gone — below is the radar before 10 AM this morning – we may squeeze out a few more showers this afternoon which would be NBD:

More rain likely Saturday – question is how much – the beloved HRRR model predicts rain for most of Will Co and SE Nashville mid/late morning through lunch hours – below is the precip skid mark showing washout-quality precip juuuust barely to our southeast:

I don’t trust the HRRR model to have the heavy rain axis pinpointed exactly right – other models suggest that heavier rain axis shifts north which would harsh our outside vibes – have rain plans tomorrow fam – I’ll update this on the tweeter tonight with fresh data not obtainable by Amazon – I have just been told that Amazon hosts some of our infrastructure – we love you, zon.

The Colts visit Nissan Sunday noon – HRRR model is not yet in range – but the hourly Euro is and it thinks showers will stay east of us – however! Let’s get the better models in here before deciding to leave ponchos home – more about this tonight and tomorrow – “if you are watching this game you must really love football” yikes.

Here’s the fancy TMI forecast graf, shooooo

We have landed smack dab in the resumption of severe weather szn – we are skating thru it, fam, good job everyone – more uneventful rains like this and we can kick this drought and live a life temporarily unbothered that nature is actively looking to smite the unsuspecting, unaware, and unable to defend themselves – I jinxed nothing, if weather listened to me we’d never have tornadoes.

Medium range weather patterns suggest warmer than normal temps for the next two weeks – don’t ask me about a White Christmas but let me say if you can bet against it, do it.

I posted a chapstick image a few days ago – ppl asked if we were sponsored by Bert’s Bees – LOL neither advertisers nor megalomaniacs nor money gonna get between us and anyone who wants to know what type of cloud violence may approach – new better info distribution system coming soon y’all – more to follow – 🙏🏽

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