So it’s colder today. It will stay that way for a while. Are we done with 60’s? No, probably not. Are we done with them for the next few weeks?

That’s right coach. If you like the cold, these next few weeks are for you. Clear, dry, chilly, sunny days are forecasted through at least Tuesday of next week.

“Someone told me it’s going to snow a bunch next week.”

Now listen… No one wants snow more than me. I have a beefy four wheel drive, sleds, hills, cocoa, the whole nine yards. But you can’t bank a 240 hr snow accumulation forecast that someone put on social media with no explanation or analysis.

We wouldn’t even think about forecasting a mention of winter weather outside of 96hrs. Why? It’s always a razor thin line between fluffy flakes and heartbreaking cold rain. Until we’re closer, don’t expect us to respond to single frame Euro accumulation map that far out.

Stay warm!

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