Rain Still Anticipated Thanksgiving Night Through Friday

As a young lad growing up in Nashville there was a morning newspaper and an evening newspaper. This is your evening newspa…. uhh… blog.

So, today was better. 55° was our high. Warmer each day all the way to Thanksgiving Day with highs in the low to mid-60s.

The Catch

The latter part of our week looks rainy. Details are pretty blurry. NWS Nashville explains why:

Extended models are still not in great agreement and quite frankly are a mess.

NWS Nashville

NWS is leaning heavily on the GFS model solution which keeps most of Thanksgiving dry, but keeps Thursday night and all day Friday wet.

The GFS also brings in some pretty heavy rain with this system, but keeps most of that to our south along the AL border, where it’s forecasting over two inches of rain.

Remember what our NWS office said: models don’t agree on how this will evolve. So, timing and rain amounts are likely to be adjusted over the next day or two.

So, Thanksgiving plans? Right now it’s looking pretty good for at least a lunch time shindig. Maybe even dinner, but I feel better about lunch time.

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