Cold but Dry

This morning it was 28º outside. Guh. Frost was prevalent any outdoor plants that don’t tolerate freezing conditions will be goners after this weekend.

At least we stay dry this weekend. But, temps will struggle to get to the mid 40s. We could easily see overnight lows in the teens. Time to prepare by dripping faucets and all that stuff your parents told you to do.

Starting Monday winds will turn from the south and our frigid temps will rise up into the 50s. This is great news for folks who aren’t ready for January like temps quite yet. By Tuesday we’ll see a chance for rain creep into the forecast. This likely won’t do anything to relieve our moderate drought.

Mid to late week rain/storms are possible. There’s a lot of uncertainty at the moment and we’ll dive into it after the weekend. It’s not unreasonable to expect unsettled and maybe even stormy weather for late part of next week.

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