NashSevereWx and Twitter

The story of NashSevereWx began in 2010…on Twitter. In 2011, we had 100 followers. Twitter has been our home. It’s the best way to get information to you in a chronological fashion and for you to get information to us. We’ve become efficient in our process of communication on Twitter. It has worked well.

For now, it still does. Sure, we’ve looked at other platforms. But, Twitter is still the best specifically for what we do.

Many have asked if we’re following the news of Twitter’s recent challenges and asking what would happen to NashSevereWx if Twitter disappeared one day. So, let’s talk about it.

While we don’t intend to leave Twitter, NashSevereWx is not dependent on Twitter. It would kinda be a bummer if it disappeared. We’ve been through a lot together on Twitter. It has become an extension of us in some ways. But, we won’t go away if Twitter does.

Other Ways To Get Our Information

There are at least three other ways we can communicate to you besides Twitter.

What Can You Do Today?

First, you can subscribe to our daily forecast blog and have it delivered to your email the moment we publish it. Currently, we tweet the link. If we can’t do that, you’ll get it in your inbox if you’re subscribed. Second, you can follow us on Instagram. More on that below. Third, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel. Be sure to both subscribe and click on the bell so you receive notifications when we go live or post a video. This is necessary in the event we’re not able to tweet a YouTube link for you to join. (Note: This notification should not and does not serve as a substitute for a reliable weather alert app.)

By doing these things today, you’ll still be in the loop if you find yourself unable to log in to Twitter.

What Happens If Twitter Stops Working?

Some things will not change. We would still post a daily blog. We would still go live on YouTube during severe weather and post additional video content as needed.

We would likely lean on Instagram for updates that don’t fall in the category of the daily forecast blog or severe weather coverage on YouTube, similar to what we’ve done on Twitter. We’ve done that behind the scenes for a while now, but have not officially used it as a replacement for Twitter. And, we don’t currently intend to….unless we need to.


We appreciate y’all so much. Through our Twitter journey we’ve seen you and your family play in the snow. We’ve seen pictures of your flooded neighborhood and the tree that fell on your house. We’ve seen your amazing sunset pics and your summer post-storm rainbows. People ask us how many followers we have on Twitter now. Many times, I don’t know exactly. I truly don’t. It’s about more than numbers to us. It’s about being in a community where we help each other understand something that is bigger than us, something we can’t control. Whether there are 200 people in that community or 200,000, we’re just honored to be a part of it…and humbled that you’d listen. What happens with Twitter? Who knows? But we’ll figure it out together.