Rain, Sun, Rain, Sun, Cold

In this blog we’ll cover two different weather stories. The rain, and the temps.


We woke to water falling from the sky. As of posting this, we’ve gotten more than an inch of rain at BNA. We have a bit more rain left this morning before it moves east and the sun comes out. Below is the HRRR through 1pm Friday.

Rain returns Saturday morning. Here’s the HRRR for early Saturday morning. Soccer games are in jeopardy. Models aren’t perfect, but most agree with this depicts.


After the sun comes out this afternoon our temps will get to into the mid 60s. Enjoy it… After that, temps will fall off a cliff.

The graph below is trending low right. Not good if you like warm weather.

Waking up Saturday morning will be quite the shock compared to mornings this week. Sunday, even more so. Next week starts cold and dry, but rain is in the forecast back to area on Tuesday. More to come this weekend.

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