Red Flag Warning: No Outdoor Burning Today

Fires may spread quickly out of control because

  • of winds 5-15 MPH, gusting to 25 MPH,
  • while the air is super dry with relative humidity approaching 20%, and
  • the ground remains super dry despite Weds night rain. We remain in drought.

The Warning expires at 7 PM.

Late Saturday into Sunday rain looks meh, off and on. Total under 0.20″ won’t dent drought.

🌩️ Few thunderstorms possible Saturday but the meh severe risk is in that dark green way west of us Saturday 👇🏽

🌩️ Just thunderstorms (no severe expected) Sunday 👇🏽

Coldest temps this fall, mid week.

  • Freezing for most (all?) of us early Tue – Wed – Thu mornings.
  • Below forecast lows are for BNA which runs a little warm.
  • Some may see a “hard freeze” for a few hours Weds morning. Protect vulnerable pipes.

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