Liquid Cloud Discharge Potential Thursday

What’ll be a 31 day streak without 0.02″+ of rain might end Thursday morning.

🗣️ Wait, what was that about “might“?

  • It’s still a bit sus. Rain misses us in the last two Euro model runs, it goes east. (Makes sense, the good “moisture return” is east).
  • GFS disagrees, delivers streak-breaking rain 👇🏽

🗣️ Which one is right?

National Blend of Models thinks rain totaling 0.4″, so I guess go for that? I’m not betting on anything. We need the higher res models to get into range Tuesday to get a grip.

💨🍃 If the rain line arrives, expect strong straight line winds. Leaves off the trees, inflatables blown, maybe a few strong or borderline straight line wind bursts. Tornadoes and hail not expected because of insufficient instability. More on this thru the week.

Temp Trivia: 85° Weds is three degrees off the all time October 12 high of 88° set in 1969.

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