2 Things: Maybe Don’t Burn Things. Will 🌀 Ian Bring Us Weekend Rain?

Brushfires could spread.

  • Low relative humidity and winds 10 to 15 MPH expected today and tomorrow.
  • These conditions can spread fires, especially where little rain has fallen lately.
  • But the concern is low.
  • NWS-Nashville is monitoring. They have not issued any warnings (called Red Flag Warnings). Winds aren’t quite strong enough to raise serious concerns. And it may not be dry enough.
  • We will update you on Twitter if this changes.

Locate your morning jacket, fam.

Ian’s after-landfall, inland path is unknown. One set of models brings its remnants into Middle Tennessee this weekend. Rain the only impact.

  • By midweek Ian should be major hurricane moving along Florida’s west coast – that’s the Gulf side.
  • Ian could take a western or eastern path. Models are split. The Euro takes it west – that would mean weekend rain for us. The GFS and other models take it east – that would miss us.
  • The “worst case” for us is not bad – we get needed rain this weekend. Ian will be sheared apart and disorganized if it makes it to Middle Tennessee. Neither strong winds nor flooding are a Middle Tennessee concern at the moment.
  • For the latest on Ian follow the National Hurricane Center. Read their forecasts, not just one model.

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