Gonna Get A Bit Toasty, But Still Boring.

Boring is good.

A ridge is an elongated area of high pressure. We’ll have one for a while. That means

  • No rain for at least the next 7 days, maybe longer.
  • Temps gradually warming each day, #StillSummer
  • Reasonable, borderline comfortable humidity. Surface winds aren’t pumping that Gulf of Mexico humidity in here, keeping the swampy away.

We will still sweat.

When will the heat break?

Models disagree (shocking, I know).

Euro (below) thinks late next week (Friday the 23rd), the first full day of Fall!

(BTW that 97° and 99° in the Euro is sus, not to be believed. The value of the image above is to guess at cold front timing).

GFS thinks heat relief around September 27, that’s two Tuesdays away.

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