Press Conference.

/stands up, stacks papers/

Just one item y’all. We ride. Check this out 👇🏽.

Warmer each day, eventually to 90° because it’s still summer.

I will now take questions.

How Long Will We Ride This Lower Humidity?

A while.

Dewpoints for the next 7 days should run below 60°, that’s pretty nice.

I went poking through the 0z Euro model guessing at dewpoints next 10 days. Found a few brief low 60°s dewpoints but most of them are in the 50°s. No evidence of anything close to mid/upper 60°s like we’ve had for several weeks this summer.

/pauses for applause, this GIF may take a while to load, it’s big/

Are we done with high humidity for 2022?

/the press laughs, knowing looks exchange/

Don’t laugh, some people are new here.

The answer is no one really knows. October doesn’t ease quietly into Fall. We can get one /coughing/ or more heinous heat/humidity streaks. Seasonal transition is like coaching a football game, everyone has a plan until a punt gets blocked.

What About Rain?

Euro Ensemble Model Data thinks no rain possible until maybe the first full day of Fall. Summer ends at 8:03 PM on September 22.

Even that is not alot of rain.

Is that good?

Droughtwise we are only a little bit Abnormally Dry from middle Nashville into Brentwood.

So not too shabby. No complaints.

What do you think about my flight landing at 419 PM next week, also is anything wrong with the Titans offense?

Sir, this is a Wendy’s.

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