Pack A Poncho for the Titans game, but … some encouraging data?

The HRRR model isn’t exactly sure what will happen this afternoon but the latest HRRR model run wants football.

HRRR Model Noon – 3 PM, tailgating off/on rain with a few lightning strikes possible:

Rain/Storms clear after 3 PM if the HRRR is correct. The game is played, then more storms arrive 7 PM to 8 PM, again, if the HRRR model is correct.

This timing may be off and – again, the model may be gah-bage – but it is some encouragement. We’ll be updating this throughout the day on the bird app (Twitter, grandma, the bird app is Twitter: @NashSevereWx).

  • Pack A Poncho this afternoon. You may need it.
  • Any rain will be briefly heavy, but off and on.
  • Lightning delays possible.

Severe weather (wind, hail, tornado) is not expected today. Rain, lightning the only hazards.

Tonight a cold front arrives and rescues us.

Humidity: gone tomorrow. Dewpoints from near 70° today to the 50°s incoming this week.

Temps drop, too, but it’s still (late) Summer, they’ll rise again.

No rain chances until maybe (probs not) Saturday.

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