I Doubt You’ll Read Anything In This Blog That’ll Stir Your Coffee But Here It Is Anyway

First can I please say this was harsh. There are now weather vacancies in Hungary.

All the rain is south of us today. It may flood today in northern Louisiana into west central Mississippi so if you’ve got fam down there heads up.

Rain shows up on the HRRR model for us Wednesday night, but it’s scattered around so not everyone would see rain even if it happens (which it probs won’t). Check back tomorrow morning for updated (better?) information.

Rain is a little more likely Thursday but even then it may not happen. A mashup of models thinks the probability of at least a drop of rain Thursday afternoon is 40%. Rain is an underdog! Below is the National Blend of Models showing that 40% chance of a rain drop:

Temps remain average:

Humidity will rise a bit this week #Uncomfortable, and with it, we resume the afternoon Wattery (faint unenthusiastic sarcastic yay from somewhere in the back).

It’s entirely possible you see no rain until Monday of next week. That’s when NWS-Nashville thinks (for now) rain is “likely,” without severe/floody concerns.

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