The Real Hazard is Not *Exactly* Knowing the Future

Storms are likely today. Even more than yesterday! Rainfall amounts will be spread unequally and without reliable ETAs. Looks like most if not all of us will get something. It’s a Wattery, with many more winning numbers than usual.

  • Best guess is storms forming after lunch and getting here late afternoon. Maybe earlier!
  • They’ll be strongest during the evening rush hour as cells respond to peak heating along a sagging front dropping from the Ohio Valley.
  • Sunset will weaken storms with the loss of daytime heating propping them up.
  • Lightning likely.
  • Occasional gusty / straight line damaging wind possible. Hail? Meh-be. But no tornadoes.
  • Localized flash flooding possible.

Below is the 13z run of the HRRR, time stamps upper left. This model hasn’t had a great week, but it’s doing a good job of illustrating the general pattern.

Rainfall may be excessive. WPC says 10% to 20% probability of a flash flooding event within 25 miles of you today.

I know some of you want to know if your outdoor event will be cancelled. No one wants to know the answer to that question more than I do. I suppose I could lie to you and guess at it but that would be unvaluable conjecture. We’re all going to have to live with the frustration of uncertainty.

Rain/Storms are possible Thursday but think those will be south of I-40 and probably south of Williamson County.

No rain Friday through the Weekend. On Friday, humidity starts to drop. Saturday and Sunday will be low-humidity, glorious summer days.

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