Heat Index > 100°, Wattery Returns Next Week, & About Microbursts

Uncomfortable dewpoints + upper 90°s temps will drive the heat index over 100° starting today, continuing at least through the weekend.

Temps “drop” Monday, but still very humid.

  • Temps just into the mid 90°s lol.
  • This reason: more clouds due to higher dewpoints should block the sun and interrupt the bake.
  • Rain and thunderstorms may develop late Monday afternoon, reducing forecast temps.

The Wattery returns next week.

  • Rain/Storms most likely Tuesday late afternoon/early evening, but they’re possible anytime next week.
  • Models estimate a “cool front” (not that cool, really) will come by Thursday, increasing your number of Wattery tickets.

Wattery storms usually contain lightning, and often produce a microburst.

  • Microbursts are what happens when a Wattery storm drops all its water, causing very strong straight line winds to spread out after the water hits the ground.
  • It’s like a giant dropped water balloon.
  • Here’s video of a microburst, below. Watch the balloon fall on the left, then the wind race off to the right once the balloon crashes.
  • Microburst winds can be as fast as a low-end tornado, but without the upward motion of a tornado. Microburst winds toss trampolines, destroy fences, damage sheds, break windows, etc. They’re legit.

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