First Day of Summer: Heat, Slim Rain Chances, Relief in Sight Maybe?


Summer officially began early this morning.

This streak of near 100° temps will be a dry heat — not Vegas dry, Nashville dry — except for Wednesday when the dewpoint jumps up from the Comfortable to a Bit Sticky into the Uncomfortable area. That’ll send the heat index to 102°. Rest of the week the temp and heat index will be close together.


Rain is possible late Weds afternoon into early evening. Here’s the HRRR model, notice only a few are chosen for rain and we may not see anything at all.


It takes a lot to break a heat wave. Models show a weak cool front maybe late Sunday into Monday. It would bring rain and take the edge off the heat for a day or so. But I don’t trust the models just yet. This is a weak front and these “death ridges” that make heat waves are tough to shake.

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