Near Perfect CMA Fest Weekend, Then “the highest temps and highest afternoon humidity values this year.” - @NWSNashville


→ Humidity way down for CMA Fest.

→ Temps cooler than most CMA Fest weekends, the only gripe is Sunday:

→ Only rain in the forecast is maybe Friday with a few light showers in the morning and afternoon possible, HRRR model below:

No lightning, no thunder, no problem.

→ NWS-Nashville holds out a less than 10% probability of rain Saturday and Sunday. Two reasons for this. 1: One model — the NAM — shows showers scattering around both days. Other models don’t have this feature. 2: Models aren’t great with late Spring / early Summer airmass prediction, so cut the forecasters some slack. We only have one set of tools and they may not be level.


→ This is not a joke:

Pair that with near 70° dewpoints and that’s dangerous heat strokey conditions for all and especially the vulnerable. Remember that’s the forecast temp/dew in the shade. If you run a kids camp and planning to be outside, prep for this.

About ten years ago and a regular grown man* I failed to hydrate, suffered heat exhaustion, vomited all over my driveway, then spent the rest of the day drinking Pedialyte.**

*denotes debatable designation.

**validating debatable designation.

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