Mow Today, Rest of the Week Cheeks.

  • It’s getting hot. Wed – Thu may approach record daily high temps for May 11 and 12. Current forecast a few degrees below the records. Mow today, stay cool tomorrow.
  • Humidity mid/upper 50°s except for Tuesday afternoon/evening when it gets to Sticky territory.
  • Yesterday I wrote no rain until maybe Sat but now a few models show isolated showers Weds. NWS not yet ready to say yeah it may rain Weds. They’re waiting to see if more data trends that way.
  • Still think next best rain chance maybe random pop ups Saturday afternoon, more likely Sunday with a weaksauce cold front passing thru. Model data reliability isn’t great rn, too low res for “will my event be impacted” questions which we can answer if you would like guesses and/or lies.

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