Unseasonably Warm + Saturday’s Meh-vent

Mild highs today, even warmer Friday. Not record-breaking, but tomorrow’s highs are around 20 degrees above average. The comfy temps will be short-lived. Cold air is making a comeback this weekend. Turnaround of almost 30 degrees from Friday to Saturday!

Not much change to the precip forecast this weekend. Showers here and there could spit out some rain, but the whole thing looks inconsequential. HRRR thinks most of the line will break apart before it gets to us:

HRRR Composite Reflectivity, Fri. 6pm – Sat. 2am

Snow is iffy. NAM is the only model depicting snow for us (not the best track record). Surface temps aren’t favorable for anything to stick. Other models show rain only. Looks like a whole lot of nothing right now. Come back for any updates.

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