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Light Snow Possible

Today we will be seeing some snow, but we aren’t expecting anything major. Some areas may see a light dusting of snow, but you won’t need to do any shoveling.

The HRRR shows very spread out precipitation, so it’s possible that your family doesn’t see any snow or rain, but your coworker across town does. The biggest threat with this system is the frigid temperatures we will see tonight. With wind chill included, we will have temps in the teens. Nearby areas might get even colder and see some single digit temperatures. Make sure the three P’s are taken care of – plants, pets, and pipes.

Wind Chill for overnight: white is very cold, purple is very, very cold

It’s also important to remember that small patches of ice are possible in low lying areas and on bridges and overpasses. Use extra caution while driving late tonight or tomorrow morning.

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