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Rain Today, Icing Overnight?


We’re starting off our Sunday with some rain. HRRR model:

We are not expecting anything severe, but you might see some heavier rain or hear some rumbles of thunder as this cold front moves in. The biggest threat? Localized flooding, but this is a low probability hazard.

About 1-1.5 inches of rain is expected today. Some areas could see up to 2 inches. The HRRR shows us at 0.8 inches, with the larger numbers to our northwest around Clarksville, but there may be a “purple spot” (see below) through either Davidson or Williamson County that may see more.

If you live near a lower area, or a body of water, be cautious especially when driving because that ground could be very saturated between the melting snow and the rain that falls today.


Temps nosedive tonight. You’ll start to feel it after dark. We should drop below freezing before midnight. Overnight we’ll dive far below freezing. NWS-Nashville has our low at 22° early Monday morning.

It’s reasonable to ask: are we going to get ice? There is no one flat answer to that. It’s all going to depend on the strip of pavement involved, its elevation, whether water is running off or pooling on it, amount of traffic it sees, how much wind will reach its surface, whether the road is elevated, etc. There is no way to “predict” whether/which routes will be affected. But with temps below the “hard freeze” of 26° for several hours, it’s hard to imagine all roads will be ice-free.

We think some roads will be wet, others may develop ice on them early in the morning.


After today, we can just sit back and enjoy season-appropriate temperatures and no precipitation for the week. Next possible rain chance is Friday, but that’s still a long ways away.

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