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Chilly + Dry Today; Some Christmas (Eve?) Rain (maybe)

Normal temps, some sun. Wind chills drop tonight, time stamp upper left:

NWS Blend of Models Wind Chill values, valid Mon. 10am – Wed. 12am

Additional moisture rolling in tonight plus near freezing temps equals a low probability chance of freezing fog early tomorrow morning. If you are out really early and see fog on the road ahead – especially on bridges and overpasses – a thin layer of ice may have formed on the road. The potential hazard will be brief. Just be aware. It’s freezing fog szn.

Slight cooldown Wednesday because a weak cold front should cross us. Temps will only drop a few degrees, nothing drastic. After that, a warming trend starting Thursday, lasting through the weekend. Highs in the 60s and lows nowhere near freezing. Hopes for a Snowy Christmas are gone.

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Christmasy Showers

Best chance of rain comes Christmas Eve and Day! Models are coming into better agreement.

Here’s the Euro, it shows rain (no storms, no snow) Christmas Eve. Not a washout.

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