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Tornado Watch #2

Tonight’s second Tornado Watch has been issued.

The first Tornado Watch was issued earlier tonight. It had an expiration of 2 AM.

The tornado threat will extend after 2 AM. So a second Tornado Watch has been issued. This one expires at 5 AM. That does not mean the tornado threat will be over at 5 AM. Do not interpret this as an all clear after 5 AM. It’s possible a third Tornado Watch will be needed. Watches typically only go on for 6 hours.

Notice this Watch extends all the way SW to Texas.

Hazard Probabilities within the Red Watch Area

Interpret that table as intended. For example, see the top line “Probability of 2 or more tornadoes, High (70%).” That means inside that entire red area (from us to Texas), the probability of there being 2 or more tornadoes is 70%. We are only a small part of that entire area.


This remains unclear. As of 1045 PM, the thinking was that the initial storms would arrive here as early as 1 AM. However, models have much later ETAs. And, storms could come before 1 AM.

Arrival times will be regularly updated on Twitter.

If a Warning is issued, Andrew will be live on YouTube. We will tweet the link if/when he goes live.

Action Items

Mobile and manufactured home residents should spending the night #sleepover in a site built structure.

Everyone needs a NOAA weather radio and a wake me up app (@stormwatchplus). Sirens are not designed to alert those indoors.

Clean out your lowest level interior room space. Have helmets (mandatory for kids IMO) and shoes and essential meds and driver’s license and a whistle. New to tornado weather?

This is a low probability of a high impact event that requires your time (to prepare), attention (to watches or warnings), and action (if a warning is issued). Got storm anxiety?

Forecast may change a bit. Do not rely on old information. Stay updated and get new information. We will be with you the entire way.

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