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Possible Sprinkle Today

Temps won’t be as chilly as yesterday. The high will be in the upper 50’s. Definitely still jacket weather.

The HRRR shows a line of showers just missing us today. There is a chance the showers hold together and we get a little rain but if we do it’ll be brief, around lunchtime. Winds will be gusty, already 20+ MPH this morning at BNA, but not to Wind Advisory criteria (that’s 30+ MPH).

Temps look like they will drop below freezing tonight, so if you have outdoor plants consider covering them.

Monday’s weather looks pretty similar to today’s minus the rain chance. Next chance of rain this week looks like late Wednesday or early Thursday. Euro model below:

We’ll keep you updated as we get closer!

Otherwise things are quiet. Nothing crazy. Usual swings between near freezing mornings and warmer afternoons. Euro has another rain system early next week (Nov 22) that may develop a marginal storm threat, but probably not. Model reliability at this range is bad.

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