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Dry with Temps and Humidity Rising

The weather today is looking very similar to yesterday. Dry, high’s in the upper 80’s, and dew points hovering in the upper 50s so far. HRRR updated and we are no longer having afternoon scattered showers today whoop whoop! Today and tomorrow are staying dry with no storms popping up on the models. Tomorrow dew points will creep up a tiny bit to the low 60’s, temps stay the same.

Along with dew points and temps, rain chances increase for the weekend. The Euro and GFS are in agreement that Friday and Saturday have more potential for afternoon scattered storms. These storms start rolling in early to mid afternoon and just look like our classic summer storms. Stay tuned for updates from HRRR with more precise ETAs.

HRRR has low cloud coverage for today and Thursday. Friday clouds roll in as afternoon rain chances increase.

It’s back on y’all. Temps reach 90 by Friday and keep climbing to hit the mid 90’s by Monday. Dew points don’t stop either, they reach 70 degF by Monday. Hello hairdo ruiner!

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