Keeping it Dry … For Now

Temps have risen from earlier this week, so today is going to be hot. Dewps have risen too, but not to apocalyptic levels. It will feel sticky, not like you’re drowning. No rain today.

Dry trend should continue Friday. HRRR shows no rain in our area. Friday overall should be very similar weather wise Thursday.

This week’s drought monitor shows: not even abnormally dry.

Rain Chances Increase Each Day Beginning Saturday

There may be just enough heat and humidity (see the temp graph above) to pop up a shower Saturday/Sunday afternoons, but nothing widespread expected. Most should stay dry, a few may see a shower or common thunderstorm.

Starting Monday, we’ll still be humid, but a surface boundary from the northwest will show up and increase rain chances every afternoon next week. We say “chances” because these should be isolated/scattered storms in Middle Tennessee that may or may not set up over your head, yard, or field. Entirely possible one local community could get really wet. Not far down the road, dry.

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Lightning storms will be the main hazard. Nothing severe is expected, but many times these showers are slow moving. If you’re underneath a lightning producer, you’ll need to find a wholly enclosed shelter and prepare yourself for a rainout. Unfortunately the atmosphere is a pain and always changes, so if conditions become more favorable for severe weather, we’ll let you know. Since we are so far out, exact times and locations won’t be accurate. Forecast confidence should maybe (?) improve over the weekend. It’s unlikely any one spot will get rain every day next week.

We know you got plans. If we had answers, we’d give them to you.

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As always, check back for updates to the forecast, and be sure to follow @NashSevereWx on Twitter!

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