The First Week of March We Need

By the time the storm line got to us tonight, low level winds were running parallel to storm motion. Add an inversion aloft with a heavily saturated column. The trio wrecked our low-probability tornado chances.

Storms were still mad. They instead spit out hail and straight line winds, but this became a heavy rain event. Flash Flood Warnings are ongoing for the rest of the night.

Turn around, don’t drown.


Rain should be light overnight, ending early Monday morning.

We do the 30°s AM, 50°s PM dance the rest of the week.

Next rain event Tuesday night into Wednesday. It’s meh. The Euro model below spikes a mix around midnight late Tuesday night into Wednesday morning (see the purples) but surface temps will be far too warm for it to matter. Probably just a cold rain anyway.

I know it’s kinda creepy seeing another system come in March 2 expected to hit in the early morning hours March 3, but there are no storm worries with this. None.

Rest of the week looks quiet.

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