Clear Sailing for the Foreseeable Future.

Excellent next 4 days.

Rain today will be east of us.

It won’t rain here until late Sunday night into Monday.

Sweaty humidity Sunday and Monday.

Severe weather Monday? Nah. Probably just rain.

Look for off and on rain Monday through Wednesday. Very little each day.

This does not appear to be a significant weather-producer. In fact, the GFS & Euro [weather models] don’t really suggest any major weather systems out through 240 hours [that’s over the next 10 days].

NWS-Nashville, AM Forecast Discussion, 4/30/20

0.5″ total expected over the next week. Most, if not all, of it Monday through Wednesday.

Keep your jackets.

Expect temps to roller coaster up and down over the next several weeks.

Excited Roller Coaster GIF