Cool And Dry Through The Weekend, Warming Up A Bit Next Week.

Dry And Cool Friday

Clouds will begin to move out of Middle Tennessee as we progress through the afternoon and into the evening. We’ll stay dry today, it’ll feel a little cool with some of the cloud cover, high near 50 °. Don’t forget about that wind chill though, as the NWS-Nashville explains:

“With a bit of a breeze, you may need a jacket today as Wind Chills may be in the low 40s for most of the day. Clouds should completely clear out of the area this evening. “

NWS-Nashville Forecast Discussion (11/15/19)

Another cold night below freezing, and more than 10 degrees below average for this time of year at 27°.

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Cool And Dry Through Monday

Over the next few days we’re still going to be below seasonally normal average temperatures for this time of year, but the sun will be out and we will stay dry. Highs will be in the mid 50s this weekend and into Monday. Not as cold for those overnight lows early next week.

Peeking Into Next Week

A few slight chances of showers come into the forecast as we progress mid-way into next week. NWS-Nashville is pointing out an “unimpressive” system moving through on Thursday that will bring us our greatest chance for any rainfall. Temperatures are expected to warm closer to normal for this time of year, into the 60s come the end of next week.

The EURO is agreeing and has a band of light showers moving through Thursday night, but that is still many days out and is subject to change, of course.

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