Showers Thursday with Cooler Temps; Heat Returns Friday; Drought Creeps In

Incoming Rain and Cooler Temps

Good news: At the time of this post, we have rain moving into the area. It isn’t a lot, but it’s something.

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I’d include a run of the HRRR model, but the HRRR looks like it’s on steroids (plus rain chances diminish after this passes). Then there is the NAM3 model, which shows nothing for our area.

Current radar is your friend right now, not the HRRR or NAM3.

Temps today will reach a high of 84°, so enjoy it while you can.

On the downside, it’ll be on the sticky side with dewpoint temps in the mid-60s.

The 90’s Are Back (and I’m not talking about the 1990’s)

Yup. 90° temps are suddenly back.

Dewpoints will also be in the mid to upper-60s through the remainder of the week. Gross.

I have now gotten to the point where I am begging Fall to show up and kick Summer out for good.

Drought Has Now Joined the Party (Dryness and Heat Invited Him, not us)

It’s Thursday, which means there is a new update to the drought monitor, and it isn’t pretty.

Drought has now officially crept into the Nashville area, which isn’t a surprise given the dry and hot conditions we have had.

Thursday’s afternoon showers probably won’t make a dent in this.

Keep checking back for updates (and keep hoping for Fall)!