Beautiful Today & Tuesday, Iffy Light Rain Chance Wednesday, Thursday Night Draft Rain?, Marathon Details

Sunny today. We warm up into the low 80°s with light south winds.

Clear skies means a temp drop into the 60ºs tonight, mid 50°s Tuesday morning.


More clouds as a mid/late week rainmaker creeps closer. No real temperature change.

Next Chance of Rain: Wednesday, but it’s Iffy

Rain chances return Wednesday, but the models are unclear.

Below is the NAM model Wednesday, showing, well, basically nothing for us, just some rain to the north:

However, here is the GFS for the same time period (Wednesday). Yeah, that’s light rain.

Either way, pretty light rain, if we get any at all.


Rain chances increase Thursday as the big rainmaker passes to our south.

Round 1 of the NFL Draft Thursday night looks pretty rainy. I’m hoping it holds off. The Euro 90 hour runs show the rain rolling in around 7 PM or so, although that “7 PM” timing at this range is questionable. Also looks like mostly light rain, off and on, and no severe weather is expected for this event at this time. More or less just disorganized rain showers and perhaps a few rumbles of thunder. No big deal unless you’re not dressed for it.

(Editor’s note: The Euro model thinks there will be just a little bit of instability available Thursday night. Although lightning is not likely, it’s possible, so don’t completely rule out a lightning strike or two. More on this as more data comes in range of Thursday night.)

Heading into the Weekend

Drier weather is anticipated on Friday and into Saturday.

For the Marathon: 54° at the start warming to 75° by noon. Light northeast breeze. Mostly sunny, only a few clouds. Dewpoint near 50°, making it very comfortable.

Another chance of rain could work its way into the forecast Saturday night and into Sunday, but we’ll have more on that as we move into the week.

Stick around for further updates on the rain chances at the end of this week.