Freezing Fog Possible Early Tomorrow Morning, Christmas Forecast, and ICYMI, our 2018 Year-End Letter

Tonight, winds turn north. Wind chills will approach freezing.

Freezing Fog Possible Monday Morning

Temps should drop below freezing shortly after 3 AM and stay below freezing until 8 AM or so. Early morning patchy fog may lay down a thin layer of ice on roads where fog settles. If you’re up early Monday morning and see fog on the road, assume a thin layer of ice has formed. Any such hazard will end about an hour or two after sunrise when temps rise above freezing.

Otherwise, sunny and high 47° Christmas Eve.

Maybe a Few Sprinkles Christmas Day

Keep outdoor plans. A few models think very light rain will move through, but most models think it’ll just be cloudy, high 51°. Even if it does rain, it’ll be brief and light, so any plans to play outside appear safe.

Wednesday: Good. Thursday-Friday: Washout.

Most of Wednesday — and probably all of Wednesday — looks great. Almost 60°, in late December, means something’s up.

Thursday we will see:

  • Washout? Yes. Heavy rain, 0.5″ to 1″ total. Not enough rain to cause flash flooding concerns.

  • Severe Thunderstorms? No, but non-severe thunderstorms will be possible. Ingredients won’t come together to cause bigger storms. Predictability about storm intensity remains “too low,” but it’s a good sign the Storm Prediction Center hasn’t outlooked us, and there is no reason think they will.

  • ETA remains bit fuzzy. Rain could start as early as Wednesday night into Thursday morning. Most likely rain time is noon Thursday into Thursday night.
  • ETD even fuzzier. Some models clear out the rain before lunch Friday. Others think it’ll linger into Friday afternoon and evening. Rain remains a possibility for the Music City Bowl.

Long range models think next week another storm system will pass SE of us, which puts the rain/snow/nothing question on the table for NYE. Odds of snow: very low.

Our Annual Year-End Letter!

First, warning to tweed-wearing wordsmiths who read Shakespeare in the original language: you may hate this year’s 2018 Festivus Letter, believing the Festivus theme lacks certain yuletide gravitas.

I like you, English prof, there is place for you in society, you are loved and needed. Someone needs to tell students: “what you just wrote makes no sense, here is your F. But you can do it! I believe in you.” Those of you teaching Deep Things to the masses in middle and high schools are the Protein of Society.

It’s trending on Twitter today, kids: Today is #Festivus, from the old TV show Seinfeld.

If you’re over 30, you probably know about #Festivus. Frank Costanza invented it after raining blows on a man in a department store dispute over the last remaining doll.

Rest easy, theologians, Festivus is not a better way – there is No Substitute for Non-Amazon, Actual Christmas – Festivus is a different way, it’s a joke. But be clear, #Festivus is today, December 23, and it encroaches nothing. Release any clutched pearls, it’s not even Christmas Eve.

Still confused? Watch this:

Festivus features an aluminum pole with a high strength-to-weight ratio (stored in the crawl space), the airing of grievances, and feats of strength. This is how I will review 2018.


Don’t at-me Grammar Police, this is as close as we got to a pole in 2018:

Poll done January 17, 2018:

Same poll, July 1, 2018:

Give us the heat!

Fork Up or Down in the Dishwasher? We’re a community divided:

Airing of Grievances

We built the case for it.

It had the votes!

We asked quite politely:

It didn’t happen.

And the problem continues:

You Are So Nashville If . . . you just don’t trust the tornado sirens.

It’s been a wet year, easily top 20 on record.

Currently 9.68″ more than normal has fallen, and we’re getting more before 2019 rolls in.

Feats of Strength

Best of Nashville. Yassss! Thanks y’all.

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Thanks for reading, and for following.

Make 2019 Tornado Free.