Tornado Watch Until 3 AM

This Tornado Watch is in effect until 3 AM, although we think the storms will be long gone by 3 AM.

The tornado and damaging wind concern will exist in a long, main line of storms. That storm line will be to Nashville and Will Co as early as 9:30 PM, perhaps as late as midnight.

Remember, a Watch means “be ready,” a Warning means “seek immediate shelter, a tornado is occurring or imminent.”

Here’s the Tornado Watch text:

Here’s the probability table for those in the entire watch box, us included:

Got kids? Make them wear helmets in case of warnings. One horrible lesson from April 27, 2011, is that many injuries to children could have been prevented or reduced had kids been wearing a helmet. I’m a grown man and I wear one during warnings.

Also, remember your shoes! I have stood in major and minor storm damage, you need shoes.

Severe weather refresher — terminology, tips, safety — here.

Also if you’re one of those people who gets irate when the Titans game is interrupted to deliver potentially life-saving weather information to someone, plan ahead and figure out another channel (ESPN, streaming may be options) to watch the Titans game in case Channel 2 has to break in. I understand that the world revolves around your love of the Titans and nothing should get in your way, your majesty. I know you don’t care about someone else getting a warning if it means you miss another punt by the Cowboys, but be sure you have a way to get warnings. Jerry’s World may be tornado-proof. Not sure your house is.

If we get a warning, Andrew will be on Periscope. Will will be looking for your #tSpotter reports of damage or other weather shenanigans. I’ll be tweeting like crazy on Twitter.

Additional information will be posted to Twitter which can be found here and/or here even if you don’t have a Twitter account.

Rest of the Week

Rain is likely late Thursday.

Freezing temps likely early Saturday and Sunday mornings.