Ring in the New Year with Two Wind Chill Advisories

Two Wind Chill Advisories are in effect.

The first is effective begins at 10 PM and ends at 9 AM Monday morning. A second Wind Chill Advisory goes into effect Monday night at midnight, running until noon Tuesday.No snow, just cold the rest of the week. Below freezing at least through Wednesday, maybe longer. Winds turn south Wednesday, so we may make the mid-30º. If we do, it will break a below-freezing streak that started Saturday night. If not, the streak should end Saturday when we should poke above freezing (but only briefly) in the afternoon. 7 consecutive days completely below freezing would be two days shy of the record of 9 set in 1876 and 1899.

The next precip-maker is expected Sunday/Monday of next week

This system will approach from the southwest, bringing warmer temps and Gulf of Mexico moisture. There’s a “small window” (per NWS-Nashville) where the precipitation may start with a mixture of rain/sleet/snow, but right now we think temps will have warmed sufficiently to make this all rain. NWS-Nashville says this is “nothing to be worried about at this time . . . But something to keep an eye on.”

Here’s a quick year-in-review.

Our Top Monthly Tweets of 2017 (by impressions)

January 4, 2017 93.1K impressions

February 26, 2017 26.4K impressions

March 1, 2017 53.9K impressions

April 12, 2017 42.5K impressions

May 1, 2017 75.6K impressions

June 11, 2017 35.1K impressions

July 8, 2017 24.2K impressions

(Final score 1-1).

August 27, 2017 48.2K impressions

September 12, 2017 167.4K impressions

November 18, 2017 42.3K impressions

December 18, 2017 70.5K impressions