Snowflakes vs Dry Air Monster Tonight; Cold Week Ahead

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Light Snow Coming By Tonight, But The Dry Air Monster Should Eat It

An area of light snow is expected to race into Middle Tennessee late tonight into the hours of Tuesday morning.

The latest run of HRRR model thinks the snow will go south of us:

Even if the snow wasn’t missing us south and it came overhead, it’d be unlikely to reach the ground. The Dry Air Monster should eat the snow before it reaches the ground.

The NAM3 model predicts more snow than the HRRR. It also thinks it’ll come overhead, but it too predicts a large amount of dry air aloft to gobble it all up.

So, maybe a few flurries.


Snow Taken Out of the Forecast Thursday/Friday (for now)

Last night’s run of the GFS model had a rain/snow mix coming thru Thursday. Since then, the model has run three times, and all three times the precip is way south of us.

The Euro has consistently kept this system safely to our south.

The Weekend

Models vary wildly from run to run. First there’s no real precip, then there’s ice, then there’s snow New Year’s, but as a whole the models are pretty “meh” on snow chances this weekend.

There’s still time for this to change, but the Sled Index remains set at: garage.

Save the snow for school, kids.