Rest of the Week Looks to be a Mix of Clouds and Rain

A Few Clouds Remain, Slight Rain Chance Lingers into the Evening

I wouldn’t be surprised if we stay dry the remainder of today, but we still have a small chance of a rain lottery type of evening ahead.

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Mostly Cloudy Tomorrow, Some Showers in the Mix

More clouds and muggier tomorrow thanks to increasing moisture and dew point temps. Highs will be in the upper 80s with showers possible in the afternoon. Severe weather is not expected at this time.

Live on the Green Forecast

Thursday, August 10 6:15 PM to 11 PM || Arkells * Michael Franti & Spearhead * St. Paul and the Broken Bones

Models continue to show some showers in the area when LOTG starts. We are hopeful that showers will clear in time for LOTG; however, do not be surprised if a small shower hangs around into the early evening.

I wouldn’t let this small chance keep you from going out to LOTG tomorrow night. Bring the umbrella and go enjoy some great music!

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More Showers on Friday, Keeping an Eye on Strong Thunderstorms

Friday brings our best rain chance this week.

The Storm Prediction Center includes us in their Day 3 (for Friday) Severe Thunderstorm Outlook. Damaging winds are the main concern.

We are alert but not concerned. Why? Some models don’t even think it’ll rain, much less storm.Those predicting storms show low (but not zero) potential to get rowdy. Uncertainty is high. We’ll keep you updated.

Clouds and Possibly a Rainy Weekend Ahead

This weekend looks to be pretty dreary with cloud cover and showers possible. These conditions will help to keep our temps below normal with highs in the mid/upper 80s.

In terms of expected rainfall, Sunday does appear to have the better chance than Saturday. Showers can not be ruled out either day at this point.