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Flash Flood Watch in Effect; Turn Around, Don’t Drown

More rain, with maybe a little lightning, is on the way tonight.

Flash flooding (a flood that happens almost suddenly, due to heavy rain and run off) is tonight’s primary weather concern.

A lot of rain has fallen. The below map is a radar estimate as of 6 PM. The purple indicates radar estimates of 1.5″ to 2″ or more, and are especially vulnerable to flash flooding tonight/overnight.

Rain should continue tonight, overnight, and into the wee hours Monday morning.

At 547 PM, NWS-Nashville issued a Flash Flood Watch because “heavy rainfall from a slow moving front this evening, tonight, and Monday could cause flash flooding issues.”

Don’t expect that rain to continue through Monday afternoon; in fact, I expect rain to start to let up before sunrise, with a mostly rain-free Monday morning.

12 to 24 inches of water can carry away your vehicle. Even your tough-guy truck. Respect water, especially at night.

Monday thru Wednesday: Less Humid

A cold front arrives Monday, and will scour away the humidity. It’ll still be hot, but you’ll love Monday – Wednesday, with no rain forecast.

Humidity returns Thursday through the weekend, and with it, another chance of typical-summery afternoon rain/thunderstorms, with maybe another cold front to create another rain/storm event next weekend.

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