Sunny Skies and Seasonal Temps Return Tomorrow

It looks like a tornado started in Williamson County in the Monticello subdivision, then moved through Cool Springs, into Brentwood and north of Nolensville/Cane Ridge, then Antioch and Percy Priest Lake.  It’s not yet clear whether NWS will say it was two tornadoes from the same storm, or one long tornado. It’ll be rated at least EF-1. This is all preliminary and subject to revision.

Barn destroyed off Concord Road in Williamson Co

The straight line winds were as strong as many of the tornado winds. Trees down everywhere. God’s frisbees trampolines tossed and destroyed. Shingles gone. Much of this attributed to non-tornado severe thunderstorm winds. Respect those severe thunderstorm winds.

At the end of it all, I’ve seen no reports of injuries in either of our counties.

As the homeowner for the house on the left with the blue tarp told me today: “I’m just glad we’re OK.”

  1. Let emergency managers, roofer, insurance adjusters do their job. While you may want to go look at the damage, it is best to stay away from it and let them do the clean up and help. This is what they are trained to do. There are plenty of storm damage photos on the #tSpotter hashtag and on local news for you to peruse. 

  2. Help out our local NWS office. This is exactly what the #tspotter is for. If you have any damage reports from the storms this morning, tweet #tspotter with your location and approximate time. 
  3. Help a neighbor. We’re all neighbors. 

Sunny Skies & Seasonal Temps Return Tomorrow

Sunshine and seasonal temps will build back in tomorrow following the cold front that will pass through today. Through the remainder of the week into the weekend, expect for nothing but clear skies.

By this weekend, temps will begin to slowly rise again.

Look for showers and thunderstorms to return to the forecast by the beginning of next week.

We’ll put up a more robust forecast tomorrow. We are all exhausted. It’s been a long day.


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